We are baiabaia

A global call for simple moments of
togetherness, fun, and casual chic.

You create. You design. You invent.

Meet endless possible combinations of happiness and style.

All covetable, collectible, captivating - and customized just for you and your crew. Our fashion accessories are objects of fascination - pure eye candy that excites and entices your entire community of friends. Anything is possible, everything goes, and everyone partakes in the fun.

We give you endless ways to design your dream Baias based on your fashion sense, your lifestyle, your personality, your likes and dislikes, and even your squad goals. Custom cuts. Personalized prints. Surprising color mixes-and-matches. Hundreds of stylish charms to check out and clip on. It’s all a celebration of style and casual chic.

“ Welcome to the tribe!
Welcome to Baia Baia! ”

We offer creations from fashion designers, stylists, and artists. And of course, we invite you all to become a part of our amazing family: #tribebaiabaia.

So go ahead! Create joy by designing instant fashion accessories for yourself, your friends, and others around the world. Just be sure to make it with style!

Create your baia

Our commitments

Baia Baia is an encounter between creativity and quality.

For people that are

Young-minded! Social!
Convivial! Creative!

For people that are

Customizable, collectible,
covetable, unique

With a focus on

Style, taste, and fun

“ We serve happiness
with a side of inspiration ”

Our chicosystem

It’s about sharing and styling. Gathering and gifting.
Spreading a love of life.

We invite influencers - fashion designers, stylists, and artists - to concoct exclusive confections of chic. We enlist ambassadors - our employees and top customers - to design extraordinary examples of stylishness. Snap up their creations, or be inspired and whip up some of your own.

So here’s to the Baia Baia ecosystem. Here’s to the little things that bring you closer, deepen your bonds, and add flashes of energy to your day. After all, our Baias trigger bursts of excitement. Spark spells of creativity. Incite moments of life that make you smile, laugh, and come together with others.

Take it all in and pass it on.
There’s endless joy to go around.

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